Woman Who Dropped 120 Lbs. After Gastric Bypass Surgery Says It’s Not an ‘Easy Way Out’

She consulted with Washington D.C.-based bariatric surgeon Dr. Brian Long about the procedure in May 2014, and six months later she had her bypass performed.

“I know some people describe the surgery as an easy way out, but it’s very difficult,” says Barboza. “It doesn’t make you lose the weight, it helps you lose the weight.”

In preparation for her surgery, Barboza had to learn to eat smaller portions and spend more time chewing her food to aid in digestion. After the procedure, more adjustments needed to be made.

“I can’t have high-sugar foods, fruit and juices, bread, rice or fatty foods,” says Barboza, who first shared her story on RealSelf. “With the surgery, when you eat, you’re not supposed to drink 30 minutes before or after. Those are things you have to learn.”

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