Ron Lester and morbid obesity

Dating after Weight Loss 

Lester said that he was a virgin until age 30 and it is likely that this is true.  After his surgery, his weight had dropped to 220 lbs., he  began dating.  He started to date a  woman with a giant butterfly tattoo, married her after knowing her for only one month and divorced her a month later.  When one girlfriend saw his sagging skin, she told him his body was like a deflated balloon.  Another girl dated him for four weeks but when she saw his excess skin for the first time, she left immediately.  He sat in his truck with a loaded gun, but changed his mind at the last minute.  After that, his mother called to tell him that she had made an appointment for him to see a well-known plastic surgeon in Atlanta.  Each surgery caused tremendous pain, so he was treated with the narcotic, Vicodin and became addicted to it.  He was strong enough to eventually lick his addiction and get off his pain pills. 

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