Ron Lester and morbid obesity

A Typical Day Before Bypass Surgery

Lester described to writers how he would start each day with three big bowls of cereal, five glasses of whole milk and four slices of toast and butter; go to work, grab a bagel with cream cheese, tomatoes and red onion and two cans of Coke; then two Big Macs, super-size fries, super-size Coke and a fish sandwich.  Then he would have lunch.  An hour after finishing lunch, he would snack on chicken salad with lots of mayonnaise, red onion, celery and boiled eggs sliced up in it.   On 16-hour work days, he would also eat a couple more times and then eat dinner with everybody else. He also stopped at Burger King for three Whoppers, extra tomatoes and onions, no lettuce and pickles with heavy mayo and the biggest Coke they had. 

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