Ron Lester and morbid obesity

Massive Weight Loss

One day, he was filming a scene for his television series, Popular, where he had to get into a limousine, but he couldn’t get into the seat.   The director had the crew remove the front seat and he still was unable to fit into the space.  “I just broke down and started crying, it was humiliating.”   It was then that he decided to get gastric bypass surgery.  After his surgery, he lost 349 pounds from his 508-pound body.

Gastric bypass surgery is often the only choice available for extremely overweight people, but it is not without complications.  Obese people have a terrible time with general anesthesia and can stop breathing, as Lester did.  The surgery is also associated with severe pain afterwards,  as well as gas and diarrhea so the person can eat only limited types of foods.  Massive weight loss frequently causes gall bladder disease and he had to have his gall bladder removed. 

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