Ron Lester and morbid obesity

My Recommendations

• Realize that people who are morbidly obese virtually from birth are different from their peers. Most of us could not eat as much as Ron Lester did and could not gain as much weight as he did, no matter how much we ate.   I think that something in the brain makes people like Lester hungry all the time, so they have to eat all the time. Lester had some not-yet diagnosed medical condition that made him so extremely obese.

• However, most people can help to avoid being overweight by being more active and avoiding foods that are associated with gaining weight.  Monitoring weight is a lifelong necessity for most people.  Any month, year or decade that you show a weight gain should be a signal to take off the extra pounds and get back to your normal or ideal weight.  I recommend intermittent fasting for weight loss and weight control.   

• The bacteria in your colon appear to determine how many calories you absorb from the food that you eat. They have enzymes to break down food that you don’t have, so some bacteria in your colon break down left-over food in your colon to cause you to absorb calories that would have otherwise passed from your body.  What you eat determines the types of bacteria that live in your colon because the bacteria eat the same foods that you do.  If you eat sugar and lots of other refined carbohydrates, your colon fills up with bacteria that increase your absorption of calories from these foods that might otherwise have passed from your body undigested. 

• To avoid overweight, I recommend that you restrict or avoid sugar-added foods, sugared drinks including fruit juices, other refined carbohydrates (all foods made from flour, such as bakery products, pastas and most refined breakfast cereals), and meat from mammals.  Eat plenty of vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds and fruits in their natural state. 

• Try to exercise every day for at least a half hour.

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