Ron Lester and morbid obesity

Weight Loss Surgery Ended His Career

After he lost a lot of weight, he found it very difficult to get acting parts.  He had been unique because of his size, but without that, he was just like the thousands of other actors who were competing for parts.  His weight loss prolonged his life a little bit, but he was miserable.  He actually told a reporter that he threw away his acting career when he got the bypass surgery and with what he knew now, he would not have gotten the surgery.  He might have died earlier but he would still have had his acting jobs.  He said that the only advantage of getting the surgery was that he lived long enough to be there to support his mother during her fatal illness. 

All his life, his mother had been his best friend. In 2006, when he was 36, his mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. As soon as he learned about her illness, he left Los Angeles and for the next year he spent most of his time in her Georgia hospital room. His mother died in March 2007 and he remained in Georgia afterward.

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