Narcissistic Abuse: 16 Subtle Signs a Narcissist is Abusing You

#11 The narcissist refuses to take responsibility for anything.

The narcissist convinces you that everything is your fault because they refuse to take responsibility for anything or any actions that they make. Never responsible for what they do, they project it onto someone else. Typically, it is the other person in the relationship.

#12 The narcissist uses love as blackmail. If you threaten the narcissist, they use emotional blackmail to stop feeling the threat. Blackmail comes in the form of ignoring you and withholding their love.

#13 They never acknowledge your success. Only by always being better than you can they feel powerful and steal your self-esteem. Always in competition with you, a victim of narcissistic abuse feels as if they’ve never accomplished anything good or succeeded in life.

That is by design. A part of the emotional manipulation, a narcissist makes sure they are always the top dog. They are also not above sabotaging things for you to make sure you never get ahead or succeed.

#14 Lying is not out of the ordinary. Narcissists lack in both empathy and conscience. If caught, they easily switch their story to suit their needs. Lying is a very common form of narcissistic abuse. Never knowing what is true, those being abused, have nothing to believe in.


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