Narcissistic Abuse: 16 Subtle Signs a Narcissist is Abusing You

#8 You feel ignored and invisible. The victims of narcissistic abuse often feel neglected, ignored, and invisible. Because they are. By withholding attention and love, the narcissist keeps you right where they want you, dependent on them. If they pay you any attention, you may just have the strength and the self-esteem to move on.

#9 Your partner or parent belittles and debases you. It isn’t always outward. The narcissist is very good at throwing out covert negativism or planting seeds in your head you don’t hear or even see coming. Masters of manipulation, they make sure to debase anything you do or put water on any spark of enthusiasm you have.

#10 They attack you with rage when you question them. The narcissist doesn’t like to be challenged or to have their own self-identity put on trial. At the slightest question of their authority or their greatness, they attack with fervor.

Rage and verbal abuse are all a way they stop people from questioning how powerful and magnificent they are. One simple question leads to a tirade.

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