‘I Had Weight Loss Surgery, But I Didn’t Feel Confident In My Body Until I Started This Workout Plan’

This Workout—Not My Weight Loss Surgery—Is The Reason I Was Able To Lose 120 Pounds


This probably sounds terrible, but people have told me that I’m so much nicer now. The drastic changes I made have made me so much happier. I ended up taking a job on the other side of country in a completely different environment from New York City. That move forced me to make new friends, reconnect with old ones, and spend nearly 100 percent of my time focusing on my happiness. So far, I’ve lost 120 pounds. Yes, I have some loose skin, but I also have some serious muscle tone. I love that I can share clothing with my girlfriends, go for runs with my brother, and leave a workout with people a million times more fit than I am and feel like I belong. I’m so excited for even more positive changes in the coming years.

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