A Letter to Those Who Know Someone With Hypothyroidism

So, you can imagine that sometimes, thyroid patients living with these have to cancel plans last minute, through no fault of their own. When they have plans to do something, they tend to look forward to it, as it can take their mind off their health condition or make them feel like they’re taking back some control. So if they then have to cancel on you due to hypothyroid symptoms and struggles, you can imagine how devastated they likely feel. The next time you think they might be making up excuses, being lazy or being a cop-out, please realize that when this is their life, they have no real control and they are not to blame.

We didn’t choose to have underactive thyroid glands.

Thyroid patients are not easily understood by those around them. We’re made to feel like this condition isn’t a big thing to live with. It is often not taken seriously. Most people think it’s an easily treated condition. When in reality, it is none of those things. We’re not hypochondriacs — it really does cause lots of symptoms.

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