10 Great Things About Having Ulcerative Colitis


1. You know your body’s limits. You know your body better than anyone else, and because you have an intestinal disorder, you know better than the “normal” human what you can and cannot eat, drink and do because of it. Where one person might be testing their limits for the first time, you already know where those limits lie and can plan accordingly around your gut.

2. You have a keen sense of where every bathroom is. Literally, every time I’m out with friends or family – save my IBD community – I’m the first to be asked, “Do you know where the bathroom is?” Why yes, yes I do, and it takes approximately 12 seconds to walk over to it.

3. You have an increased sympathy for stomach pain in others. Stomachaches can be a tricky ailment in any social setting; a lot of people have a “suck it up” reaction to them. While most of us do assume that our pains in the gut are far worse than just an “everyday stomachache,” our hearts do go out to anyone who is dealing with discomfort in this area. We know how it feels!

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