10 Essential Facts About Hepatitis C

10. A liver transplant is not a cure for hepatitis C. Irreparable damage from hepatitis C is the leading cause of liver transplantation in the United States, Hanouneh says. But even after a transplant, you need medication to eliminate the hepatitis C virus. It’s possible to become infected again, especially if you engage in risky behaviors, he says.

Avoiding alcohol and losing weight protect your long-term liver health. Drinking too much can lead to liver problems, even without a hepatitis C infection. Hanouneh advises his patients with hepatitis C to avoid alcohol altogether. “It’s a second hit on the liver,” he says, and increases your chances of cirrhosis and liver failure.

Fatty liver disease – when excess fat builds up in the liver – has become one of the most common types of liver disease in the United States, Hanouneh adds. Because excess body fat, like alcohol, is also an assault on the liver, you should do what you can to maintain a healthy weight.

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